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Touareg impresses colleagues

Only a few days after the world premiere, staff at Wolfsburg got a first-hand look and feel of the new Touareg.

On the Tuesday before Easter, employees at the main plant in Wolfsburg got an early Easter present. Four days after the world premiere in Beijing, they were among the first to see the new Touareg in the flesh. As with the T-Roc last August, the activity was organized by the brand's Internal Communication department. Two specimens of the brand's new flagship in the color "Antimony Silver Metallic" visited eight locations in the plant. The response was enormous and overwhelmingly positive - including surprised faces, curious looks and inquisitive hands.

Whether at the north and east gates, at the brand tower, in the production facility or on the roads of the factory grounds - all eyes were on the two new Touaregs, which were made in Bratislava in Slovakia. Two experts from Product Marketing were on hand to answer any technical questions.

This is what our employees in Wolfsburg have to say about the new Touareg:

"The huge display is just epic - it's absolutely unreal."
"It's a very smart car, of which the most striking feature is the display."

From left: Sebastian Härtl, Florian Mentzel (Supply Engineering, Power Station)

"I love the huge trunk. The interior design feels very high in quality."

Swantje-Leonie Schrader (Quality Assurance in Plastic Components)

"I am very impressed by the Touareg, both by the aesthetics and the interior features. It has turned out beautifully. I hope I will get to drive a car like this in the future."

Michael Waleska (Maintenance)

"The display looks like something out of a spaceship."

Bettina Zander (Job Scheduling, Computer Center)

"I like the sharp lines and the infotainment system best."

Christopher Buchner (Procurement)

"It's the perfect car. I've just about fallen in love. I wish I could pre-order it right now."

Eduard Kramer (Construction, Hall 25)

"The design is very attractive."
"We currently have one of the most beautiful cockpits of any car. I would even say it rivals if not exceeds the Tesla."
"It's a beautiful car. The SUV is really cool. I like the high seating position and the workmanship."

From left: Jerrit Seidel, Marvin Grimme, Hendrik Wiegmann (Procurement Interns)

"What I like most is that it will be available with a large V8 diesel engine. I find that very courageous in current times."

Niklas Thiele (Diesel Engine Research)

"For me, it's the very definition of quality."

Andreas März (Procurement)

"After seeing it in the flesh for the first time, I can only agree with the reports in the press. It's a truly impressive design and deservedly the flagship of the Volkswagen brand."

Florian Susewind (Consultant for the Board of Integrity and Legal Affairs)