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Our SUV for the Whole Team

It’s the Tiguan’s big brother and the Touareg’s little brother. The Tiguan Allspace1 rounds out the brand’s SUV range, offering plenty of space and a lot of flexibility when used to transport the team. An away game for the young soccer players of the TSV Meine team near Wolfsburg.

He is on the way to soccer practice and is wearing really big shoes. Size 48.5. Oliver Braun presses his right foot on the gas pedal of the Tiguan Allspace and drives off. Just before this he had moved the driver’s seat back. Way back. He’s someone who needs a bit more space. Braun is 6 foot 10. He sits, relaxed, behind the wheel of the Tiguan, with its long wheel base. On Wednesdays and Fridays he heads out to coach his youth soccer team. The Tiguan is today’s surprise guest at practice.

This SUV is a great fit for the Volkswagen employee, who works in sports communication. Oliver Braun is quite likely Volkswagen’s tallest employee. Braun is a former professional basketball player who played for the German national team eight times. His favorite position? Center. Centers are the tallest, most athletic players, preferring to scramble under the net, pursuing the ball with determination. This native of Hanover actually started out playing soccer as a youngster, and now he’s pursuing that passion again – as a coach. “As a kid I kicked the ball around a lot in the street with my friends, and played on a few youth teams before I found basketball.”

Braun, 44, is one of three coaches for a team of boys and girls in his town, Meine, located half an hour outside of Wolfsburg. Children aged eight to ten play on the local athletic club’s E-level youth team. Seven girls and boys are on the team heading to the championship game. Braun could to fit nearly all of them into his Tiguan Allspace.

It is the long version of the Tiguan. The compact SUV is 4.70 meters long, making it 21.5 centimeters longer than its brother. The interior has also grown substantially. The wheel base, which has increased by 11 centimeters to a total length of 2.79 meters, offers a lot of space and means the Tiguan can very nearly serve as the team bus. For away games, Braun can easily take most of his players on board, including all their bags and gear.

The Tiguan Allspace has room for up to seven people. The system is based on a 2-3-2 configuration – two seats up front, three in the middle and two in back. If the rear seats are not needed, they can easily be folded down into the floor. Even more room for luggage.

Need to toss sports bags back there? No problem. With the coach and four players on board, the Tiguan Allspace has up to 760 liters of room under the back hatch, making it a truly spacious ride. Captain Lasse Schulz (10) heads to the rear of the Allspace. He presses the button to open the hatch. It opens electronically. The kids in their bright red tracksuits watch with amazement. “It’s cool how the trunk opens almost by itself. It makes it easy for us to fit our ball nets back there.”

Braun does not have a team uniform. In his size? Not a chance! But there is a car that fits him and his team exceptionally well. “The ‘long’ Tiguan is the perfect team bus for us.”

“It’s cool how the trunk opens almost by itself.”


“The new family friend. The Tiguan really hits the mark.”

Neue Presse

“More space for life on the road: Tiguan Allspace.”

Sächsische Zeitung

“Despite its extra length, visually speaking, the Allspace is harmoniously proportioned. Especially thanks to the updated rear window design.”



“Seven in one fell swoop. The 5+2-seat Tiguan Allspace has a third row of seats on board, or can be used as a hauling machine.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“The Allspace makes the Tiguan the perfect model for families.”

Heilbronner Stimme

“The Tiguan Allspace is an SUV for every mood.”

Der Standard

“With the Tiguan Allspace chassis, the engineers have created a fantastic mix of reliably streamlined design and everyday comfort.”

Auto Bild

“The new Tiguan is the perfect car for growing families.”

The Sun

A longer Tiguan

  • Loads of space with room for up to seven people across three rows – the Tiguan with the long wheelbase is optimally equipped for small sports teams or families with several children.

  • Bigger and better than ever with plenty of cargo space – the Allspace can easily get five adults and all their luggage to the airport. The cargo area can hold up to 760 liters.

  • Spacious, with the advantage of added length – you can even fit a surf board in the Allspace if you fold down the backrests in the second row of seats. This increases the length of the cargo space to 1.92 meters.