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Text and Tables
with the Latest Version of Office 

In Germany, 75,000 employees will be able to update their office software, benefiting from a modern workstation.

Carsten Gnauck at a PC in our IT City. He’s the employee responsible for rolling out the Office package.


Anyone at Volkswagen who creates presentations and tables, writes text or communicates with colleagues through online meetings uses Microsoft Office to do so. Since the start of this year, Volkswagen has been working to upgrade to the latest version of Office software from the 2010 version. By April, 75,000 employees in the company’s German locations will have the opportunity to install Office 2016 on their computers.

Employees themselves choose when to install the package, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Skype, among others,” says Carsten Gnauck. He is responsible for rolling out the software, and explains, “All it takes is just a few clicks of the mouse. The process is easy for anyone to do. And we have detailed written instructions to help.” Everyone will of course notified by email when they can get started.

Why Office 2016? First of all, our brand wants all its employees to have the same version on their computers. “This makes things easier for the EHD and makes it more convenient for the company to fix any problems,” explains Gnauck, the expert from the IT department. This is because when people have issues with their PCs, they call the Enterprise Help Desk, or EHD for short, using the internal call number 33 000. Each call costs money – and the more different software versions being used, the longer the solution takes.

Secondly, Gnauck says, updated software will make every employee’s workstation an even more appealing place to work. One example is video telephony and online meetings: Skype for Business will be replacing Lync in the new Office package. “Skype for Business has more functions and better quality,” explains Gnauck. This way, even more employees will get used to Skyping on a daily basis. “It reduces travel times and also saves money,” says IT expert Gnauck, who has been working with colleagues since October of last year to prepare for the mass roll-out of the Office package. “This project has been a lot of fun for us.”

Gnauck, 32, is also currently busy working on rolling out Windows 10. The current version of the operating system will be installed at the same time employees are required to trade in the monitors that are currently being leased, says Gnauck. He says employees only need to take an active role in updating Office. His tip? Start installing the software right before you leave work because it can take up to two hours for the process to be completed. Gnauck stresses, “It’s only an update. All your settings and data stay the same.”

Additional info and tips on the roll-out and on installing Office 2016 are available through the portal under “Meine IT.” You can also enter “meineIT” in your browser.