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Hello, Colleague!

Our series introduces Volkswagen employees from around the world. This issue: Christian Espinosa Ramírez from the Puebla plant in Mexico.

»An unforgettable sight is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, which is located not far from the plant.«

Christian Espinosa Ramírez

Mr. Ramírez, what exactly do you do at your plant here in Puebla?

I’ve been working at Volkswagen de México for over 14 years, and have always been involved with spare parts. At present, I am involved in pricing up the spare parts and making sure everything runs efficiently. I handle negotiations with local suppliers for components – both new ones and those that are already in use. Our main objectives here are to make ongoing improvements to the logistics process, save on resources, and boost both productivity and profits.

What is the best experience you have had so far at Volkswagen?

I have always enjoyed being part of the huge “Volkswagen Part Packers” team and dealing with our partners around the world who supply the various original parts departments of our brands. Something else that’s important to me is stringing together new packages for original parts to make the most of resources while also protecting the environment. I enjoy working at Volkswagen because it is  a responsible, innovative company.

What should colleagues visiting Puebla be sure to see or do?

One of the largest pyramids in the world – the Great Pyramid of Cholula – can be found not far from our plant. We know it locally as “the man-made mountain” (Tlachihualtepetl) and “the house of the gods” (Teocalli).It’s also worth visiting the Amparo Museum in downtown Puebla as well as the Casa Reyna restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional local dishes of Mexican cuisine.

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