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Racing through the plant

Top-notch athletic performance in Palmela: more than a thousand people took part in the “T-Roc Run” through the plant.

Volkswagen’s factory in the Portuguese city of Palmela was turned into a route for a big footrace in mid-September. Some 1,085 athletes, including many employees of Volkswagen Autoeuropa, entered the Volkswagen event. This was the sixth time the race has been held, and it was dedicated to the T-Roc, which started rolling from the production line in Palmela a few weeks ago. The ten-kilometer route led through areas such as the body shop, the pressing plant, and assembly. Nélson Cruz clocked the winning time of 31:08 minutes. Crossing the finish line just under two minutes later, Rui Narigueta was the fastest employee. A product manager and passionate runner, Cruz has now won five times on his home course. The fastest female employee was Cláudia Mestre from the tool-making department (55:49 min).