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One raft, 626 apprentices

Volkswagen’s new class of Wolfsburg apprentices, who started their program on September 1, showed they can work well together at a team-building session for the 626 young trainees.

Apprentices were thrilled to build their rafts and then pose for a group photo.

At Aller Lake in Wolfsburg, the young women and men started by working in small groups to build 75 rafts, each three by three meters. The available materials were rope, logs, planks, and tubing from truck tires. In the middle of the lake, they then brought together convoys of four or six small rafts which had been tied together to form a mega-raft measuring 675 square meters.

» Team spirit is very important at Volkswagen. «

Christoph Görz, directs the apprenticeship program in Wolfsburg

The apprentices guided their creation to the shore and posed for a group photo under a banner reading “It’s going to be huge – Volkswagen’s 2017 Vocational Training Program in Wolfsburg.” The apprentices, who are embarking on 24 different career tracks, were pleased. “I was skeptical at first, but we saw that a team can do much more than one person,” said Nicole Macastena (18). Thekla Brackemann (20) said, “It was a great idea to build a raft, because after just two weeks we’ve met a lot of people from the other career tracks.” Christoph Görz, who directs the apprenticeship program in Wolfsburg, was also pleased. “Team spirit is very important at Volkswagen,” he said. “Our new trainees have realized this with their raft.”