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Putting their ability to the test

The management career path is becoming more transparent for employees. Groundwork for the new process has been laid.

Any employee wishing to be promoted to management will be following a new path from August 2018. The road won’t necessarily be any less rocky, but the signposting will have improved. “In the future, day-to-day performance at work will take ­priority,” says Lars Hilgers, the person responsible for personnel development. “Employees will have the opportunity to show what they’re capable of, and be evaluated according to what they accomplish. In an open corporate culture, we want to promote diversity and differences in management too.” The framework for the new recruitment process is in place, and details are being finalized.

The prerequisites
One requirement is a “v” in development strategy in the performance review. Important criteria also include language skills, pay grade, and sufficient work experience. Once a defined number of criteria have been met, division management discusses the candidate’s future trajectory.

The development phase
The candidates selected themselves choose the duties that will be used to evaluate their performance. How did they fare when working in committees and when cooperating with other divisions? Do they share knowledge with colleagues? Do they act with integrity?
Assessors from both the direct and indirect workplace evaluate the candidate’s performance, using for orientation the job specifications that have been developed by the Group. This phase ends with the candidate being evaluated in an interview.

The screening phase
The work tasks on which the candidate must be assessed are now managerial in nature. As in the development phase, a number of different assessors are responsible for evaluating the candidate.

The confirmation phase
The candidate provisionally assumes responsibility for a managerial position and has to demonstrate his or her ability on a daily basis. Feedback is given by employees and managers from the candidate’s own department, as well as from other departments.

Promotion to management
Each year a department’s management will evaluate the candidate’s assessment results and decide whether to promote him or her to a management position.