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Pact for the Future

Service Points Make 
Life Easier

Volkswagen is building shops, vending machines and parcel stations for its employees. In the Wolfsburg plant, workers can even drop off their laundry for cleaning.

Employees can now hand in shirts for cleaning at the Service Point in the “Shop and more” in Wolfsburg. Here, Frank Schlimme (left) of the Service Factory tests out the new service. The shop on Südstraße is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Some guests had brought their shirts to the “Shop and more” at Gate 17 in Wolfsburg. Shortly after the opening of the first Service Point at Volkswagen, they handed these shirts in for washing and ironing.

Taking clothing is only one of the services available at the new Service Points. They can provide different services – depending on demand and provided that their operation is economically feasible. This includes selling food to eat at work and at home – from vending machines, so employees can stock up on delicious carrot soup around the clock. Also in the works: the acceptance and delivery of packages and grocery pick-up stations.

“Volkswagen is an attractive employer, but we want to get even better. We agreed on that in the Pact for the Future, and we are putting it into practice. More practical services we can use to make everyday life easier for our employees are one result,” says Chief Human Resources Officer Gunnar Kilian.

Deputy Works Council Chairman Stephan Wolf emphasizes, “The Works Council has been working for years to ensure that colleagues can better balance work and family life. With the new services at the Service Point, we are taking another step toward giving employees more time for their families.”

"Volkswagen is an attractive employer, but we want to get even better."

Gunnar Kilian, Chief Human Resources Officer

The Service Factory and plant management are currently testing Service Points in Wolfsburg. Baked goods have already started being sold in front of the North Gate. The laundry service at Gate 17 and the vending machines at the East and West Gates have also been put into operation. Package boxes are in the works. In addition, projects with various services are planned at the Braunschweig, Emden, Hanover, Kassel and Salzgitter plants.

Wolfgang Pick, Head of the Service Factory, explains, “The success of the pilot projects depends on the support of employees. We want to meet colleagues’ tastes and find out which services are accepted and how.”