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Looking forward to the new Polo

How Volkswagen South Africa surprised its employees while readying them for production of the Polo.

Thomas Schäfer, Managing Director of Volkswagen South Africa, is delighted to introduce the new Polo to employees.

Its 5:15 in the morning in a wintery South Africa. An icy fog settles over the plant shortly before the sun comes up. Charlotte Zungu, a new employee in the communications department of Volkswagen South Africa at the Uitenhage plant, stands ready to welcome the first shift of roughly 1,400 Polo employees.

"Sanibonani, Welcome, Goeie More!" she calls to the surprised employees as they stream into the plant. Its a tri-lingual hello, welcome and good morning in Zulu, English, and Afrikaans.


» Sanibonani, welcome, goeie more! «

Charlotte Zungu

Charlotte Zungu from the communications team at the Uitenhage site greeted employees in three languages.

The workers are astonished not merely by Charlottes presence, but also by a row of 13 classic cars representing the 65-year history of the Volkswagen plant.

Many staff members in Uitenhage have a connection to Volkswagen that stretches back almost three generations. The communications team surprises everyone on this day first with an exhibition, and then with an exciting vehicle unveiling accompanied by a warm welcome from the Managing Director of Volkswagen South Africa, Thomas Schäfer, Sales and Marketing Director Stefan Mecha, and Production Director Jens Brücker.


The exhibition of classic cars thrilled the employees of Volkswagen South Africa.

Beneath a banner bearing the slogan "Fit 4 Launch/A New Era Has Begun," employees celebrate the production launch of the new Polo. This event is held three times at the Uitenhage plant to make sure all employees get a chance take part. At each new unveiling, the Polo inspires a spontaneous round of applause. The message is clear: the employees are psyched up about their new model.