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¡Hola, Polo!

After more than 14 million Polos sold, the sixth generation is now being launched. A good opportunity for a special test drive around Pamplona. We accompanied three employees from the bestseller’s main Spanish plant to places they personally associate with the Polo advertising slogan “So groß kann klein sein.” (“Small can be so big.”)

Memories of her pilgrimage: Susanna in front of the Eunate Church, which is said to possess supernatural powers. Right: Joint test drive with Mikel. Her conclusion: “The Polo has become so modern and is really grown up now.”

Susanna del Barrio (35)
A living legend

“I work in quality assurance and coordinate the product audit for the press shop and body construction. It is the best department I can imagine, because every car has its start here. In doing my job, I always look at things from the customer’s perspective, and have very high standards. I was completely sold on the new Polo from the get-go. I was pretty nervous during my first drive. The car has become so modern and is really grown up now. Wow! I drove it to a place that is small but means a great deal to me. The Eunate Church has been a place for pilgrims to stop off at since the 12th century. It is located off the beaten track and is a place of great peace and tranquility. It’s here that I like to reminisce about the pilgrimage I made on the Route of St. James when I was 18 years old. There is a legend in this area that says the church has supernatural powers. That fascinates me – and suits the Polo too. After more than 40 years it has become the stuff of legend, too, hasn’t it?”

The doors are his job: Antonio’s attentive but satisfied look on the reservoir dam at Pantano de Eugui.

Antonio Espinal (42)
Just really comfortable

“When I started working at Volkswagen 20 years ago, the third generation Polo was still rolling off the production line. The car has advanced tremendously since then – not only in terms of design, but also in driving behavior and especially in regard to space. I’m nearly 1.88 meters (6’2”) tall and still have plenty of headroom. And the car’s so comfortable! By that I mean it’s easy to operate, the seats are cozy, and you have great all-around visibility. I work in production at the plant and finish the doors. These are removed in advance in assembly, transferred to our department, and finished here according to specifications. I drove the Polo to the Pantano de Eugui reservoir, which has supplied Pamplona and the region with drinking water since 1973. When I was a little boy, I spent summers nearby with my three siblings – and also learned how to swim. It’s a familiar place in my childhood memories, one I associate with freedom and carefree times. I like that you can see so far from the dam, and the Polo is also known and valued by people across many borders far and wide.”

Stark contrast: Mikel in front of the El Cerco fortress in the new Polo. He’s especially enthusiastic about the array of features. “We’re setting new standards for subcompacts with the new Polo.”

Mikel Astiz (37)
Features like no other

“I experienced the new Polo live for the first time today and didn’t want to get out of it again. A good selection of features is important to me. The Polo sets new standards for subcompacts in that department with the Active Info Display. At Volkswagen I work as a human resources officer and am the point of contact for 542 employees from the engine construction ­department. At the moment I’m ­interviewing a lot of new employees, because we’re producing in three shifts again. That’s exactly 1,408 Polos in 24 hours. When I thought of the Polo slogan, it didn’t take me long to decide where to go. The El Cerco fortress came to mind ­immediately. It sits majestically on a hill overlooking the small village of Artajona, not far from Pamplona. It is a speck of land that I associate with a number of wonderful memories. I came here as a schoolboy, because our art history teacher made his lessons very hands-on. I feel pretty small here, because kings, bishops, and popes used to live in this place. The contrast of the new, fire-engine red Polo in front of this impressive backdrop was an image I wanted to capture.”