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The environment and sustainability bonus: The head of Sales and Marketing Germany is pleased with the interim results. And employees are making the most of it too.

Thomas Zahn, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany

The Volkswagen brand launched an environmental and sustainability campaign in Germany at the beginning of August. Anyone who exchanges their diesel vehicle with emissions standard 4 or older for a new Volkswagen will receive an environment bonus of up to €10,000 depending on the model. And anyone who also decides to purchase a Volkswagen with an especially environmentally friendly alternative drive will receive a sustainability bonus of up to €2,380 depending on the type of drive. Now that this campaign has been running for seven weeks, what are the first results? Thomas Zahn, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany, spoke to inside.

How are customers responding to the environment bonus?
At the Volkswagen brand, very well! So far, around 20,000 customers have had their old diesel scrapped and bought a new Volkswagen or a former leasing vehicle with an efficient and clean drive. This is a satisfying result, and means the Volkswagen brand is making a significant contribution to improving air quality in German cities.

And what about the sustainability bonus?
We’re particularly pleased that frequent use is also being made of the sustainability bonus, and that many customers are opting for e-mobility. With the environmental and sustainability bonus, we have been able to increase the share of electric drive, which used to be around 2 percent, to just under 10 percent – a fivefold increase.

» Around 40 percent of the customers have changed brands «

Thomas Zahn

To benefit from the environmental and/or sustainability bonus, customers can also trade in a diesel vehicle made by a different manufacturer. Have many done this?
Yes! Around 40 percent of the customers have changed brands and opted for a new Volkswagen thanks to the environment bonus. This shows that many people still find our brand very attractive.

Employees can also benefit from the environment and/or sustainability bonus when buying a car as a member of staff. Are many making use of this?
You’re bringing up an important point. We’d also like to motivate our employees to help modernize Germany’s vehicle fleet. This is why we have allowed them to claim the environmental bonus within the scope of the employee sales program. And they are doing so. To date, we’ve received around 550 orders for new vehicles and 270 orders for used vehicles, of which here too 10 percent is made up of electric vehicles.