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The tech guy with the big fighting spirit

Yavuz Ögüt from the Wolfsburg site intends to regain his world championship title in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Las Vegas this month.

Yavuz Ögüt is a five-time European champion and former world champion.

During the day, Yavuz Ögüt works in the IT department – vehicle diagnostics is his specialty. In the evening, the computer scientist, who initially did an apprenticeship in milling, pursues his hobby – Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art that combines elements of judo and wrestling. Ögüt (37) is currently preparing for the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championship that will be held in Las Vegas in late August.

“My goal is to win the title,”
says Ögüt. Having won the world championship three years ago, the German of Turkish descent knows how it feels to be the world’s best exponent of an art still largely unknown in Europe. And the experience of more than 120 matches, the muscles visible even under loose clothing, and an arsenal of techniques, will all help him regain the title.

Ögüt will enter the weight division of up to 94.3 kilograms. He still has to lose a few pounds. But from past experience he knows that removing salts and carbohydrates from his diet for several days will achieve the desired result. In fact that’s what he used to do back in the early 2000s when he was an amateur soccer player with the SSV Vorsfelde club and well known in the Wolfsburg region. He took up Brazilian jiu-jiutsu after quitting soccer in 2012 and deciding that he didn’t want to just lie around on the sofa in his free time.

Ögüt volunteers as a coach at the VfL Wolfsburg club. He trains some 35 athletes, helping them to develop both their torso muscles and their self-confidence. “It’s something I really love doing,” he says. But the club will have to do without the coach at the end of the month because he’ll be in the United States with designs on another world title.