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When danger comes from behind

For the first time ever, the PreCrash system in the Arteon can pick up on hazards at the rear.

It’s a situation no driver ever wants to face: You’re at a red light, you take a look in the rear-view mirror, and see the vehicle behind is approaching much too fast. A rear-end crash is looming. This is where the new “Proactive Occupant Protection System” in the Arteon comes into play. For the first time, the PreCrash sensors are able to react not only when a crash is looming from the front, but also when hazards approach from the rear. This involves the PreCrash system using information from the “Side Assist” lane change assistant. Within fractions of a second, it can take measures to minimize the consequences of an accident as much as possible.

Here’s how it works: The PreCrash system uses the sensors in the “Side Assist” lane-change assistant, whose main job is to warn drivers who find themselves in the ‘blind spot’ while overtaking. This is because “Side Assist” relies on radar sensors to register the position and speed of vehicles behind the Arteon, which the “Proactive Occupant Protection System” can then evaluate. This feature works not only while the car is moving, but also when it is stationary with the engine running or in stop-start mode – just as it might be at a red light. When another vehicle approaches the new Gran Turismo, the system calculates the probability of a collision using information on the positions and speeds of both cars.

If there is imminent danger of a collision, the PreCrash assistance system reacts in the blink of an eye. The hazard warning lights activate immediately, while all windows, including the sunroof, are closed to just a small gap. While all of this is happening, the belt tensioners tighten both of the front seat belts – all precautionary measures to prepare for the accident waiting to happen and minimize the potential consequences if the worst should come to worst.

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