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Values from us, values for us

Staff from all over the world were involved in developing the brand’s new corporate values – an important step forward on the journey to improving the corporate culture.

“To me, acting ‘genuinely’ implies being transparent, speaking the truth, in line with our principles and values. In short: be ­consistent, say what you think, and do as you say.”

Manuela Wisser, Governance, Risk & Compliance at the Puebla plant, Mexico

"Together,” “courageous,” “customer-­oriented,” “efficient,” “mindful,” and “genuine” – these are the six values that have guided proceedings at the Volkswagen brand since the end of last year. Some 11,000 employees around the globe helped to select these terms. “It was important for us that the staff at Volkswagen are able to identify with the values. What we didn’t want was to simply draft them around a green table,” says Ralph Linde from the Volkswagen Group Academy, which is aiming to provide impetus for a new ­corporate culture through its “cultural heritage” program as part of the TRANSFORM 2025+ strategy.

“Acting courageously implies breaking down barriers and seeking new horizons.”

Élvio Aparecido dos Santos, production leader in the Body Shop at the Taubaté plant, Brazil

At works meetings, at stands placed outside canteens, or in some cases online, employees in Production and Administration all over the world answered the same questions last year: What ­aspects of our current culture should we change, and what should we retain? Which values do we need to work on in particular? The fascinating result was that similar values emerged from Puebla to Polkowice, from Wolfsburg to Uitenhage. Most participants came out in favor of retaining good relationships with each other and holding onto the motivation to achieve. They also wanted more openness, more efficient processes, and less ­hierarchical thinking.

All the answers were finally gathered together and concentrated into six values. Each individual word is surrounded by other terms named by employees. They explain what these values can mean in ­everyday life.

“Customer-oriented means we offer our customers ­products that really benefit them. Our goal should always be to work with our customer when developing products and services, instead of just developing for them.”

Inka Wegmeyer, Sales Organization and Change Management at Wolfsburg, Germany

In Wolfsburg, several campaigns have already taken place in connection with the new values during the first three months of the year – including discussions between the Board of Management and employees. Individual divisions too, such as the G2 compact car range, are already working on integrating these values into their daily work and improving cooperation. In the coming weeks and months, other national and international branches of the brand will incorporate the values at their locations. “A new corporate culture needs time to develop. We will continue to encourage discussion about the values as part of everyday working life, and are looking forward to the ideas offered by the different locations,” says Linde.

“Acting efficiently means doing things correctly right from the outset.”

Diogo Pires, Assembly at the Palmela ­factory, Portugal

“Mindfulness is very important for my daily work as a recruitment officer. For me, mindfulness when dealing with ­employees means being aware of the individual needs of employees and combining them with the operational circumstances.”

Laura Wille, HR at the Kassel plant, Germany

“To me, the brand value ‘together’ signifies equality, irrespective of hierarchy. Everybody works in collaboration to achieve the goals of the organization.”

Joyniel Motwani, Controlling at the Pune plant, India