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In love with their "baby"

Hundreds of employees at the Palmela plant went for a test drive with the new T-Roc1.

The T-Roc has been rolling off the production line at Palmela in Portugal for several weeks. Out of 5,700 employees at the plant, only several hundred had the pleasure of testing the new SUV for two days. Their impressions were fed back to Quality Assurance. Here is what employees had to say about their test drives:

"The T-Roc attracted a whole lot of attention from passers-by. Some even did a double-take to take a closer look at the car."

– Mário Coelho, Team Leader in Assembly

"It was a fantastic drive. I drove to the Serra da Arrábida mountains with the T-Roc and tested the allroad driving mode on several country roads. Our SUV is exceptional. My wife, son and step-daughter felt very safe in the car and regret not having tried all the different technologies."

– Mário Coelho, Team Leader in Assembly

"I drove to Seixal and Lisbon with a few friends and family members. It felt safe and great to drive. My passengers said it was a comfortable and spacious car that offers many technological functions. Now I know what I’m working for."

– Sara Cruz, Assembly Worker

"I absolutely loved it! I’m a big fan! The car is very attractive and drives very comfortably. I drove a 2.0-liter diesel with automatic transmission. It made a good impression, both in the small, narrow streets of Palmela, as well as at full throttle on the motorway. The model was fully equipped and designed with close attention to detail. My six-year-old daughter, Carolina, even wanted to give us the change from her piggy bank so that we could buy a T-Roc."

– Sandra Estriga, Logistics Specialist

"My son didn’t want to get out of the car. He says he doesn’t like our current car, the up!, anymore. I traveled through the Serra da Arrábida mountains and along Meco beach with my mother, son, step-sister and step-brother. This car is a lot of fun to drive; it’s safe, versatile and has many interesting details. I feel proud to have worked on this car. I felt kind of sad when I had to give it back."

– Ana Macedo, Logistics Specialist