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The Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga took part in the nationwide Manufacturing Day.

Fancy visiting the Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga without having to leave home? This became a reality for many social media users at the beginning of October. Using the US site’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts, staff from the assembly line, body shop, paint shop, quality assurance and the Volkswagen Academy showed viewers around their workplace.

The idea behind it? In the US, the first Friday of October is known as “Manufacturing Day”, or MFG Day for short. On this day, companies across the US provide an insight into their business or organize events for visitors. Its goal is to get young people interested in industry and show them what day-to-day life at a factory looks like. At Volkswagen in Chattanooga, employees showed viewers around their workstations or took them on a virtual tour around the plant.

Opened in 2011, Chattanooga now has around 3,000 employees who produce the Atlas and the US Passat. In 2016, around 94,000 vehicles rolled off the production line.

For more photos from MFG day, check out the factory’s social media accounts at: