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Soccer shirts for children

Detlef Loose from the Kassel site combines a passion for soccer with charitable work.

Detlef Loose is a specialist in warehouse logistics at the Kassel site. In his free time, this father of two is also a fan of the Hessen Kassel fourth-league soccer club. And now the 46-year-old has started to collect and auction off soccer jerseys for a good cause.

How did this start? In October of last year, Hessen Kassel played the ­second-string team of soccer club VfB Stuttgart. Loose made the 360-kilometer journey to watch the game, and then spent the night in the nearby small town of Herrenberg. He happened to strike up a conversation with the owner of a restaurant, and this restauranteur, as it turned out, had founded a charity organization called Kinderherzaktionen – “Heart for Children Campaign.”

The logistics specialist who loves soccer: Detlef Loose auctions off soccer jerseys for a good cause.

» It’s a great feeling to be able to help. «

“For more than 20 years he has been auctioning signed items from well-known soccer players and donating the money to families with kids who have cancer, mainly from poor countries,” explains Loose. He is convinced of one thing: “The money that comes in, some €600,000 so far, goes where it’s really needed.” It never changes hands as cash, but flows directly to the hospitals and institutions that treat the children.

Loose decided that he would “support this great project.” Since then he has raised awareness for it among clubs, players, and fans. “In about six months, I’ve received 17 shirts and auctioned off 11 of them, generating €1,605 for the charity. On top of that, I’ve received single donations to the campaign amounting to €573,” he says with visible pleasure. “It’s a great feeling to be able to help.”

Loose now hopes
that there are colleagues out there in the big wide world of the Volkswagen brand who are also willing to auction celebrity articles for the Kinderherzaktionen charity or donate soccer shirts to him for this purpose.

Have a spare soccer shirt?

You can reach Detlef Loose via email at: And you can find out more about the project he supports at: