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Monopoly: The Transparent Factory Is On Board

Dresden Edition to be launched at the end of this year.

Plenty to do: André Nowoisky from the Production facility in Dresden shows Mr. Monopoly the ropes.

The exclusive Dresden edition of Monopoly will hit stores just in time for Christmas. The Volkswagen Transparent Factory is to be allocated at least one square on the board. All Dresdeners can vote on which streets and other sights should appear in the classic board game. Only 10,000 copies of this limited edition version will be produced.

"I took the opportunity to get him trained up at the high point station"

André Nowoisky, Production

Employee André Nowoisky was astonished when a special guest stopped by the Transparent Factory. Mr. Monopoly, the well-known mascot – complete with mustache, top hat, and tailcoat – was allowed to get up close and personal with the e-Golf. “I took the opportunity to get him trained up at the high point station,” recalls André.

Osnabrück, Zwickau and Hanover also have their own special editions of Monopoly, and the engine plant in Chemnitz is already part of the game. The Wolfsburg, Kassel and Braunschweig editions have already sold out. The new edition is planned for this year. Florian Freitag from the agency behind the game, polar 1, says, “We are currently working on finding out whether Volkswagen would also like to have its plants featured in other city editions.”