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of the Volkswagen brand


Brand initiative ‘NAR’

The North American market is an important part of the new strategy. These are the main goals:

To be a leader in volume, you have to be successful in North America. We are committed to the US market and want to resume profitable growth there in the medium to long term.

Volkswagen was seen as a niche manufacturer for many years in the United States. And we lost a lot of trust due to the diesel issue. It will not be easy to improve our position on the ­market again. But we will overcome the ­present challenges and lay the foundation for a new start.

To improve our prospects for the future, we are optimizing our cost structure in North America, positioning ourselves favorably on the market, and taking on more responsibility for the region. We will turn things around with the help of a product campaign that directly addresses the needs of local customers and sets new standards in electric mobility.