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The year of the SUV

The T-Rocstar celebrates an impressive world premiere in Guanghzou. The concept car kicks off a major model campaign in China, where there will be an almost entirely new product range in three years. Four SUVs will be launched in 2018 alone.

The T-Rocstar rocks Auto Guangzhou with its “deep gold” paintwork: Stephan Wöllenstein, head of the Volkswagen brand in China, with the new SUV concept.

Four SUVs in 2018, and an SUV ­product range with ten models in China by 2020 – that’s how ­Volkswagen aims to become the number one SUV brand in China. In mid-November at the automobile fair in the megacity Guangzhou, a preview of this SUV ­campaign was provided by the SUV concept car T-Rocstar. “Volkswagen aims to become the SUV brand in China,” said Stephan Wöllenstein, head of the ­Volkswagen brand in China.

With no fewer than four SUVs coming onto the market in 2018. “We have decided that, for us, 2018 will be the ‘Year of the SUV’ for our brand,” said Wöllenstein.

The SUV concept car T-Rocstar points to this future by building a bridge between Europe and China. What the T-Roc from Palmela, Portugal is for Europe, the T-Rocstar can one day be as the first model from this SUV family in China.

Our SUV for China – the T-Rocstar

The crossover

4.23 meters long, 1.57 meters tall, 1.82 meters wide – the ­measurements of this ­urban SUV. High seat ­position and room for five people inside.

The design

A kind of Targa hoop on the roof gives this SUV a unique and sporty ­character. The strong shoulder section and muscular wheel arches are particularly striking.

The assistants

Variety counts, both for safety and convenience. The list is long – ACC, emergency helper,
high-beam assistant, lane-keeping assistant, Front Assist, and more.

The cockpit

The future of the cockpit has begun with the next generation Active Info Display: an 11.7 inch display, better graphics and resolution, brighter and more colorful than ever.