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The right balance

Nothing works if you don’t stock up. Whether you’re talking about your fridge at home or in a company – certain things need to be kept in stock. The art is in making sure you don’t stock up too much, but not too little either. At home, this may mean that your stomach ends up rumbling, while companies may suffer from slow processes or high storage costs and tied-up capital.
At Volkswagen,
a cross-sectional efficiency campaign looks after this “working capital”. The project is looking for ways to improve the use of working capital (e.g. warehouse stocks) at the Volkswagen brand. “Since last fall, we have been researching improvement measures for the areas of Production, Vehicle Construction, Components, Sales and Genuine Parts that are worth several million euros” says Project Manager Ralph Sawalsky.
An example of a measure that has already been successfully implemented is reducing the use of mobility vehicles. The term “mobility vehicles” refers to any vehicle used to complete a specific task: mail vans, the vehicles used by Plant Security, staff shuttles, as well as all departmental vehicles.

The main question was: How frequently is the vehicle used? When looking at mobility vehicles, the team discovered that we can get rid of around 290 cars in future. However, to make sure there are still enough cars for employees to use at work, the company is coming up with new mobility concepts.
The Quality Assurance division is showing just how this can work: Around two years ago, the division got rid of about 50 departmental vehicles and now has the remaining 70 vehicles in a so-called mobility pool, where they can be accessed by the division’s 1,200 employees. The first two years of the mobility pool shows that the vehicles are used more efficiently, without resulting in shortages. If you need a car, you can simply book one over the intranet. The scheme has another positive side effect – employees get the chance to experience all the different brand models on their way to appointments. That’s because the pool contains lots of different models – from an up! to a Multivan. Other divisions, like Marketing and R&D, have also come up with other ways to improve the management and efficiency of their departmental vehicle schemes.

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