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The new T-Roc on tour

Just 12 hours after its world première, the T-Roc is exciting colleagues at the Wolfsburg plant

“The T-Roc is very stylish. Volkswagen has had the courage of its convictions. The cockpit is really exceptional.”

Marco Däumler (left) Body building maintenance

“The T-Roc is an all-round success. I particularly like the front, with the meshed grille and the striking daytime running lights.”

Andreas Heuer (right), Body building maintenance

It was an unusual start to the day, and one that many colleagues surely didn’t expect. Some of them had watched the world première of the T-Roc on the Internet the previous night. And now, just a few hours later, two T-Rocs were driving around the plant in Wolfsburg. One model in turmeric yellow metallic and the other in Ravenna blue with a white roof. The two SUVs drove all over the plant premises visiting more than ten stations, including the gates and the Brand Tower. At Research and Development, they stopped in front of the big staircase in Hall 90B. The idea is for as many colleagues as possible to be able to see the new T-Roc, the brand’s first crossover model, on this day.

At the car park behind the Brand Tower or walking along Südstrasse in the main plant by the Mittelland canal, the eyes of every colleague were on the two new arrivals from the Palmela factory in Portugal. Procurement staff saw for the first time where the parts they ordered were installed on the T-Roc. Engineers looked proudly at “their” front headlights as the T-Roc drove by. Production employees were happy to see a great car which cuts a fine figure, in both quality and workmanship.

Many also looked in admiration at the special bi-color paintwork on the roof and the door mirrors. One or two ran their fingers gently along the elegant lines of the rear. “I’d like to take it home right away,” said one with a smile, before returning to his workplace with a final glance at the T-Roc.

“The T-Roc looks very good. Even if I’m not really an SUV fan. Very youthful. The T-Roc is something completely new, another line entirely – really cool.”

Timo Giesbert, Stip Vehicle technology

“I’m impressed. For me, the design is particularly important. I like the way the colors are repeated in the interior.”

Stephanie Ondrusch, Scheduling control

“The T-Roc is nice and compact. The colors are great, particularly the blue. I also like the size of the trunk.”
“The rear is really modern. It’s great that we’ve had the confidence to do this.”

Björn Schoenstedt (left), Rainer Richlik, RTC Wolfsburg Operations

“I think the new T-Roc is fantastic. Particularly the seats and the design. I also find the two-color paintwork very appealing.”

Riadh Touhami, Sitech start-up management

“A great car. Lovely design. It’s exactly the car we need.”

Guido Eickenroth, Group Sales

“I’ve just decided on the spot: I’ll lease the T-Roc as soon as it is released. It will be a hit outside the plant as well.”

Detlev Dunkel (left), Supply technology, Power plant

“My first impression of the T-Roc is good. At this price, it’s a car for me.”

Uwe Rowek (right), Supply technology, Power plant

“The form has turned out beautifully. The overall package just works, and I particularly like the dashboard.”

Claudia Fischer, Process team