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The cockpit of the future

With the T-Prime Concept GTE, the Volkswagen brand showed visitors to the Beijing Motor Show which features will characterize a premium SUV in the future. Also on board? A switch-free steering wheel, a glass scroll wheel and a curved display.

As comfortable as a saloon, as spacious as a station wagon, as efficient as a compact car and as agile as a sporty saloon – the T-Prime Concept GTE is based on the modular longitudinal matrix and brings together the best of a number of automotive worlds. At the Beijing Motor Show at the end of April, the Volkswagen brand presented the SUV prototype on the world’s stage for the very first time. The majority of visitors were drawn to the cockpit, an innovative display and operating concept opens up a whole new spectrum of interactivity. “Progress is immediately noticeable here because the real automobile merges with today’s equally-real virtual world”, says Volkswagen Development Director Frank Welsch.


Two displays under a single panel of glass

The 12-inch Active Info Display and the 15-inch Infotainment-Display come together to form one visual and functional unit. The slightly curved Infotainment system monitor is a world first for cars and ideally positioned for the driver. The two displays, each the same size as a laptop screen, merge together under one long glass surface to form the newly-developed Curved Interaction Area.


Switch-free steering wheel

The multifunction steering wheel comes with zero switches. Each individual function is activated with a simple touch or swipe on the smooth surface. When the driver touches one of the buttons, they will feel a slight counter-pressure so that they can localize the function. A second, stronger counter-pressure follows as soon as the function is activated. This makes using the car even more intuitive than ever before.


Glass scroll wheel with sensors

With its so-called By-wire control technology, the T-Prime Concept GTE is breaking new ground when it comes to operating individual vehicle functions. The glass scroll wheel is equipped with a number of sensors and is surrounded by a chrome frame. Inside the frame, there is a monitor with a virtual scroll wheel. The display changes as the driver rotates the scroll wheel. They can then use touch-sensitive surfaces to operate functions like the hazard warning lights and the electric parking brake.