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The big little champ

The sixth generation of the Polo celebrates its world premiere in Berlin

With more than 16,5 million units sold, the Polo is one of the most successful compact cars in the world. Now a new generation with striking design, spacious interior, and digital cockpit is set to launch. The car also features efficient TSI (gasoline), TGI (natural gas) and TDI (diesel) engines, as well as a broad range of assistance systems previously found only in larger Volkswagen models. At the premiere in Berlin, Volkswagen brand chairman Herbert Diess had this to say: “The Polo is a young, fresh car. It brings together charisma and high-end technology. No other car provides so much room for its size. That’s why our Polo was and remains the number one compact car.”

Compared to its predecessor, the sixth Polo will be larger and have more interior space and luggage compartment volume. The loading capacity in the latter has risen from 280 to 351 liters. Nevertheless, the Polo’s exterior remains crisp and compact. When compared to the fourth-generation Golf, which was manufactured until 2003, it is clear that while the Polo has been adapted to accommodate people who are getting bigger and bigger, it also uses the reconfigured space ever more efficiently. With a length of 4,053 millimeters, the new Polo is somewhat shorter than the Golf IV, but easily overtakes the old Golf in terms of a longer wheelbase (an increase of 53 millimeters), space for the driver and passengers, and luggage space (an increase of 25 liters).

The top ten facts

The Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) system had a positive impact on the dimensions. It’s the first time the Polo has been built on this platform. The wheelbase, exterior length, and width have grown with the MQB. Head designer Klaus Bischoff says, “We used this reconfiguration of the dimensions to build a strong compact.” All the Polo models have become sportier, more powerful, and fresher as a result. The head designer continues, “This Volkswagen is clearly identifiable as the original in its class, and yet as a completely redesigned generation. It’s a car perfectly suited to the times, both visually and technically.”

The new generation offers diversity from the start. Also due for launch are the R-line model with massive 16-inch alloy rims, the Beats special model, and the Polo GTI, the Polo family’s 200-hp racer. With fourteen exterior colors and twelve rims between 14 and 18 inches, a dazzling array of options is available for the new Polo. The Polo basic version, Trendline, will cost €12,975 in Germany. Featuring LED lights, the Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system with city emergency braking function and pedestrian monitoring, and 14-inch wheels, it’s well equipped.

The Polo Beats – the model of choice for young city dwellers.

The Polo Beats

A new version of the successful special model Polo Beats has been designed for young target groups. The car features a 300-watt sound system by legendary U.S. headphone maker Beats (by Dr. Dre). It also sports 16-inch alloy wheels, black exterior mirrors, decor foils on the hood and roof, and Beats decals on the B pillars. In the interior, its red dashpad, sports seats with Beats logo, special door entry guards and leather covers for steering wheel, gear lever knob and handbrake handle make the Beats stand out.

The Polo GTI – The Polo family’s top athlete is back on the racetrack.

The Polo GTI

This is the most powerful member of the new Polo family. A 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine with 147 kW/200 hp powers the sporty top model in the line. Of course, it’s a genuine GTI at heart, with a sports chassis and typical GTI insignia. The radiator grille features the customary red stripe and honeycomb pattern. In the back there’s a large rear spoiler in black, a diffusor in the bumper, and of course the twin exhaust tailpipes – all typical GTI gear.

Strong shoulders – The rear impresses with its powerful lines.

Crisp design

The sixth Polo has become a masculine car, characterized by its elongated silhouette with a long roof line culminating in a roof spoiler. Equally striking is the sharply drawn double line – the so-called tornado line. Like an arrow, it points from the front fenders down the strong shoulders to the tail lights, stretching the Polo visually. The front end of the Polo is particularly defined by the hood, which drops sharply and highlights the width of the little champ.

Now also with a turbo natural gas engine – the Polo engines range from 48 kW/55 hp to 147 kW/200 hp, including the TGI (natural gas) with 66 kW/90 hp.

Also available with turbo natural gas engine

The new Polo offers nine engines spanning an output range from 48 kW/65 hp to 110 kW/200 hp – including, for the first time, a turbo natural gas engine. The 1.0 TGI puts out an impressive 66 kW/90 hp on the road. There are also two diesels and four gasoline engines in the line-up, which includes the brand-new 1.5 TSI Evo with automatic cylinder deactivation (ACT) and 150 hp.

The Polo number six has an array of assistants on board, including Front Assist with city emergency braking function and pedestrian monitoring, and the automatic distance control function ACC. The Polo can be opened and started with the optional “Keyless Access” locking and starting system.

Assistants like in the Golf

The Polo number six has an array of assistants on board that were previously only offered in the Golf or Passat class. Those who opt for the basic model will enjoy a Polo with the Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system with city emergency braking function and pedestrian monitoring. Drivers can also select the ACC automatic distance control function, which can now be activated up to a speed of 210 km/h. New to the Polo are the Blind Spot Detection lane change assistant with Rear Traffic Alert, semi-automatic Park Assist parking function, and the ParkPilot function. If desired, the Polo can now – and this is another new feature – be opened and started using the Keyless Access locking and starting system.

The cockpit of the new Polo is defined by two features – the Active Info Display and the latest infotainment generation with displays of up to 8 inches in size.

Fully digital cockpit

The Polo is the first Volkswagen – and the first model in the whole Volkswagen Group – to come on the market with a new generation of the Active Info Display. The digital instruments have more functions and better graphics, and are easier to use. One example: It is now possible to switch between the main menus on the steering wheel with just a single button. The Polo also features the latest infotainment generation with display sizes from 6.5 to 8 inches – as elegant as high-end smartphones.

As elegant as the best smartphone – the Polo Beats provides all drivers with the new platform “We by Volkswagen”, which includes the app “WePark” for cashless parking.

Fully connected

Volkswagen is also breaking new ground in terms of connectivity. From now on, the Polo will feature not only the familiar Car-Net applications App-Connect (with MirrorLink™, Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™) and Guide & Inform, but also the new “We by Volkswagen” – a digital user platform from Volkswagen for all vehicle drivers. We by Volkswagen opens up yet another online level to the world of mobility. One example is cashless parking with the WePark app. The app detects the car’s location via GPS and automatically shows the price of a parking spot. Simply drive to the parking area, start the parking time with the app, and later end the parking time with the app too. The payment is handled electronically.