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The big little champ – Ten facts about the new Polo

The secret is out – Volkswagen has unveiled the new Polo in Berlin. The compact car has been one of the brand’s most important mainstays for decades. The sixth generation impresses with added space both inside and out, high-end technology, and a wide variety of equipment and assistance systems. Here inside lists the ten most important facts about the new Polo.

Staying on trend – the Polo Beats stands out with its powerful sound system and chic red stripes on the roof and hood.

1 The Polo just keeps on running

With over 16.5 million models sold, the Polo is one of the world’s most successful compact cars. First launched into series production in Wolfsburg back in March 1975, the Polo is now in its sixth generation. The Polo is also a best seller within the Volkswagen family, making it into the brand’s top three for many years. Last year, the brand built more than 790,000 units in total.

2 The biggest Polo of all time

More space for everyone – the Polo has grown. The four-door compact car has hit the four-meter mark and is 81 millimeters longer than before. It is also 69 millimeters wider, and its wheelbase has increased by 94 millimeters, meaning more space for driver, passengers, and luggage. The luggage compartment of this space master can now hold almost 351 liters (an increase of 71 liters) and is catching up to the Golf, which begins at 380 liters.

Gateway to digital – the Active Info Display behind the steering wheel and the infotainment system’s glossy screen are well within the driver’s field of vision.

“An emotive quantum leap”

Production of the new Polo has already started at the Pamplona factory in Spain, and is set to follow in Uitenhage, South Africa at the end of the year. Staff from Pampola talk about what the new vehicle means to them, and the things they like most about it.

» I am honored to be able to also produce the new Polo. This is my sixth production launch and I am already looking forward to our car. The design is even sleeker, making the Polo fresher and sportier. The many new technical features also make their contribution. «

Miguel Angel Martinez, assembly

» It was high time for a new Polo. This one is outstanding. The sixth generation of our car also represents security for the future of our factory. The fact that we are able to produce it here demonstrates once again the trust that has been placed in us by the headquarters in Wolfsburg. «

Aimar Chacon, quality assurance

» This production launch is particularly exciting for me as I got the chance
to work for Volkswagen Navarra in Wolfsburg last year, helping develop the Polo. I am proud of that. The Polo has improved in terms of design and style, and is a quantum leap forwards when it comes to emotion. «

Ainara Martinez de Irujo, production technology

The bold double stripe is one of the hallmarks of the new Polo’s design. Shooting like an arrow, it runs from the fender back to the tail lights.

3 Crisp and compact design

The sixth Polo has become a masculine car. The elongated silhouette and a long roof line that stretches all the way back to the spoiler are two of its hallmark features. The sharp double stripe, which is known as the tornado line, adds an extra bold touch. Shooting like an arrow, it runs from the fender at the front, past the strong shoulders to the tail lights, visually elongating the Polo.

4 The cockpit is elegant and fully digital

The Polo is the first Volkswagen and the first model in the Volkswagen Group to be launched with the latest generation of the Active Info Display. The digital instruments in the cockpit have more ­functions, better graphics, and are even easier to use. What’s more, the Polo now offers the latest generation of the Infotainment ­system, with a display of up to 8 inches – as elegant as a high-end smartphone.

5 Fully connected with online services

Connectivity made easy – every person on board, whether the driver or any of the passengers, can get online whenever they want. The new Polo comes with more than just the popular App Connect (with MirrorLink, Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™) and Guide & Inform. It also provides every driver with additional online services courtesy of the new We by Volkswagen digital user platform.

6 The Beats has the finest sounds around

For younger drivers, Volkswagen has developed the latest version of its successful Polo Beats special edition model. It comes with a 300-watt sound system by the legendary U.S. headphone brand Beats (by Dr. Dre). It also sports large 16-inch alloy wheels, black exterior mirrors, and decorative trim on the roof and hood. Inside, the bright red dashpad and Beats logo on the sports seats ensures that the Beats stands out.

“The new Polo is playing in the Golf class”

Press reaction – What is the world press writing about the new Polo? Here’s a selection compiled by inside.

» It has calm and low-key suspension, responsive and precise steering, and seems as solid as a significantly larger vehicle. It has earned the right to play in the Golf class. «

» The Polo has made a huge leap forwards in terms of technology. It is as if Volkswagen made a copy of a Golf and shrunk it. «

» Bigger and better – but no pricier! VW has made it hard not to like the new Polo. The design is more exciting, and technology adopted from the compact class gives it a much more sophisticated feel. At the same time, the car has become more spacious. «

» The new Polo looks like a Golf in miniature. Maybe that is what future generations will say about the new Polo. «

» VW has upgraded the features. It offers many different technologies from the Golf or Passat. «

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

7 Assistants like in the Golf

Even the most basic version of the Polo comes equipped with Front Assist with city emergency braking and pedestrian monitoring, just like the Golf or Passat. Customers can then add assistants like ACC automatic distance control, the lane departure warning system, Park Pilot, or Park Assist, which also helps the driver to exit parking spaces. On request, the Polo can even be opened or started without a traditional car key thanks to the Keyless Access locking and starting system.

8 Nine engines including natural gas

Nine engines, offering between 48 kW/65 hp and 147 kW/200 hp, are offered for the sixth generation Polo. For the first time, this range includes a turbo natural gas engine. The 1.0 liter TGI hits the road with a whopping 66 kW/90 hp. Also available are two turbo diesel and six gasoline models, including the brand new 1.5 TSI Evo with cylinder deactivation and 150 hp. And the top-of-the-range engine for the GTI with 147 kW/200 hp.

9 We by Volkswagen online services

The new digital platform is called We by Volkswagen and kicks off with the Polo. One example of what this new user platform can do: cash-free parking using the WePark app. The app uses GPS to detect the location and displays the parking fee. Simply drive to a parking spot, start your parking period on the app, and then use the app later to end the process. Payment is made without cash. WePark is already up and running in Berlin, with Hamburg and Cologne soon to follow.

10 GTI: The most powerful one

A 2.0-liter turbo engine with 147 kW/200 hp powers the athletic top-of-the-range GTI model. And of course, the car is all you’d expect from a GTI, with a sports chassis and the hallmark GTI logo – on the radiator grille the customary red stripe and honeycomb design, the checked sports seats. And at the back the large black roof spoiler, a diffuser in the bumper, and twin exhaust pipes – all typical GTI.