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The all-rounder – even better

The Golf Sportsvan is popular with those who like to sit a little higher, are on the road with children, and want flexibility in their leisure time. Now the update is available – with a sharper design, better equipment, and the latest assistance and infotainment systems.

Longer wheelbase At 2,670 millimeters, it’s 50 millimeters longer than the Golf.

Variability and spaciousness are what many customers expect from the compact class – to sit higher as a driver or passenger, to get in and out of the car with ease, and to be able to travel with children and lots of luggage. The new edition of the Sportsvan, the van in the Golf family, offers all that and more. It impresses with its great flexibility – for example, with a back seat which can be shifted by 18 centimeters. The Sportsvan is recognizable from the front by its newly designed bumpers, and from behind by its rear lights in LED technology, which are standard for the first time. Added to this is a wide range of assistance functions and engines. To sum up: After the update, the all-rounder is better than ever.

Higher seat position

Both driver and passengers sit between 573 and 633 millimeters above the floor.

More head room

Despite the high seat ­position, both driver and passengers have more head room.

Easy to shift

The back seat can be divided at a ratio of 60:40 and can be shifted by 180 millimeters.

Easy to adjust

The backrests of the back seats can be adjusted to different inclinations and can also be completely collapsed.

Large trunk

A lot fits in here – the volume is between 590 and 1,520 liters.