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Introducing the New Production Division

Taking a closer look at models of cooperation: five central functions starting in May.

Production is getting ready for the future: The TRANSFORM.TOGETHER production strategy will also be taking a closer look at the structures and cooperation models in indirect fields.
The organization is being systematically aligned to processes, standardization is being increased, and consistent responsibilities are being ensured without any overlap.
“I am convinced that we are on the right path to a successful future in the Production Division and at Volkswagen,” says Andreas Tostmann, Head of Production and Logistics.

Here is an overview of the five future central functions:

Product Technology
In Product Technology (headed up by Henning Jacob, PT), the role of Production is especially prominent. The division assumes product responsibility for the entire product development process (PDP) and becomes the central point of contact for Design and Technical Development. Tasks and responsibilities will be bundled together more closely in the future, with one of the aims being to increase our expertise in the field of electronics.

Project and Start-up Management
Project and Start-up Management (headed up by Jörg Grandt, PM) operates alongside vehicle project management teams in a matrix organization along with the production series and departments. A central start-up management system incorporates the requirements of the plants into the project as early as possible. A sustainable pilot hall network with the regions and plants is set to create additional synergies.  

Planning and Production Technology
The area of Planning and Production Technology (headed up by Uwe Schwartz, PP) ensures efficient planning and realization of the factory. Processes are streamlined, synergies used and redundancies avoided by integrating responsibilities for process planning and implementation in the PDP. Automation, digitalization, and technology development measures also ensure the future viability of the factories and processes.

Production Control and Logistics
In the area of Production Control and Logistics (headed up by Thomas Hegel Gunther, PC), global production of vehicles will continue to be planned and controlled going forward. Production control is to be strengthened by merging program planning and logistics processes. A central
office P also enables targeted order control within P and strengthens cooperation with other departments.

Production Strategy
The area of Production Strategy (headed up by Robert Cisek, PZ) develops the strategy for the Production and Logistics division of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand and manages the associated transformation process. In addition to controlling personnel and qualification requirements, the division also focuses on digitalizing production. All innovation-driven IT activities in Production will in the future be planned and managed by Production Strategy.

"I am convinced that we are on the right path to a successful future in the Production Division and at Volkswagen"

Andreas Tostmann, Head of Production and Logistics

Henning Jacob, Product Technology

Thomas Hegel Gunther, Production Control and Logistics

 Jörg Grandt, Project and Start-up Management

Robert Cisek, Production Strategy

Uwe Schwartz, Planning and Production Technology