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The New Touareg1 will soon be Unveiled.

The countdown has started. In just a few days, the new Touareg will have its world premiere in China. The third generation of this SUV will be completely unveiled and on display for the first time in Beijing.

World-record-holding driver Rainer Zietlow is making his way from Bratislava to Beijing in a disguised Touareg. His aim is to be there for the world premiere of the SUV.

This flagship of our brand was still being kept under wraps when it was last seen, on test drives around Zaragoza, Spain. What’s more, world-record-breaking driver Rainer Zietlow set out from the Bratislava plant earlier this month in a Touareg – headed for China.

He plans to arrive just in time for the world premiere on March 23.

The route from Slovakia to China is just under 15,000 kilometers long and spans seven countries, none of which prevented Rainer Zietlow from setting off in a third-generation Touareg at the start of this month. This SUV has been manufactured exclusively at the Bratislava plant since 2002, and it will be celebrating its global premiere in Beijing on March 23.