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The Anglers of Cordoba

Pedro Leopoldo Coronel, from the gearbox plant in South America, 
has founded a fishing hobby group for his co-workers.

Pedro Leopoldo Coronel holding his fishing rod. Fishing is his favorite hobby.

Fishing has been Pedro Leopoldo Coronel’s favorite hobby for 18 years. And that’s not all. The employee at the gearbox plant in Cordoba is quite skilled at it, too. He has won an in-house fishing competition six times in a row. Last year, Coronel founded a fishing hobby group for his Volkswagen colleagues. Since then, one woman and five men have spent their free time going on fishing trips, fishing rods in tow. Team building Argentinian-style is more than just a fun bonding activity; it also brings out talent, as demonstrated at the official fishing championships of Cordoba Province. Success was not far away on the lakes of Cordoba and Santa Fe: the team, consisting exclusively of Volkswagen employees, reached third place on its very first try. Altogether, 15 teams with hundreds of anglers took part in the competition. Could this year get any better?

The successful group of fishing hobbyists has one female member.