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New Telephone Hotline

Rule violations can be reported around the clock.

Availability is a major priority for the Volkswagen Group’s reporting system. That’s why the Information Office has taken one step further to ensuring personal availability. From August 1, potentially severe rule violations can be reported via a 24/7 telephone hotline, in addition to the existing reporting channels.

Project Manager Astrid Andayani, responsible for systems and processes on the reporting team, explains, “We want to give our colleagues, but also our business partners and customers worldwide, a telephone reporting channel where they can report specific indications of severe rule violations around the clock, 365 days a year.” When you dial the international telephone number, you are connected to a specially trained assistant. The assistant can even dial in an interpreter if needed.

                 Astrid Andayani

“The more specifically the potential violation and the associated facts are described, the easier it is for us to identify and put a stop to misconduct. The Information Office may also ask the person reporting the incident clarifying questions,” explains Andayani. Incoming reports are treated confidentially and sent to the responsible information office for further processing via a protected channel.

“We expect that the new channel will be quickly established as an important point of contact,” says Kurt Michels, Group Chief Compliance Officer. “This will help us achieve our goal to protect the company and all of us from the consequences of severe rule violations and legal violations.”

                    Kurt Michels

The Reporting System

The reporting system is responsible for severe rule violations and legal violations. It protects the company, the accused and those who report issues in a fair, transparent process, because both rule violations and legal violations can have serious consequences for our company and for us as employees. Incoming reports are processed confidentially and professionally by internal experts.

If you have specific indications that a severe violation has taken place, you can report it via the hotline in the text or use one of the other available channels:

+800 444 46 300 or +49 5361 9 46 300

Online reporting channel:      


Information Office, Post Box 1717,
38436 Wolfsburg, Germany
In person:
Information Office (K-ICW),
Porschestrasse 26–30,
38440 Wolfsburg, Germany