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Suggestions from the Team

Ideas Management wanted to bring on more idea generators, and started a special campaign.

Every idea is valuable. The Ideas Management staff are convinced of this, and are even using a special campaign in May to solicit suggestions for improvements for Volkswagen. Last year the brand’s employees in Germany submitted 54,899 ideas, saving their company 124.3 million euros. The idea generators also benefited: Volkswagen distributed 22.3 million euros in bonuses to these creative thinkers.

"We’re hoping for even more good ideas from our employees this year," says Thorsten Janotta, who has headed Ideas Management since April and wants to further promote the incorporation of new ideas. In recent years, the quality of suggestions for improvement, especially for products, processes and structures, has been consistently high, which is also reflected in the level of savings and bonuses. However, the number of ideas submitted has declined. Ideas Management is also hoping for more suggestions for improvement through more vehicle start-ups. "Experience shows that many series start-ups lead to many good ideas," says Uwe Arndt from Ideas Management.

With a view to the upcoming FIFA World Cup, a special campaign was launched for employees in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Hanover, Osnabrück and Saxony. "In our company, it’s like soccer – the best idea brings success," Thorsten Janotta emphasizes. In May, anyone submitting an idea for improvement via the IdeenOnline system that their supervisor has approved will have the chance of winning a prize – in addition to the bonus. The prizes vary from plant to plant: in Hanover, for example, it’s 500 euros for a public viewing event, and in Wolfsburg it’s power banks, Bluetooth speakers and VIP tickets for VfL soccer games.