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Strength isn’t everything

During the day she works at the body shop. In the evening she boxes. Employee Aline Digo (26) from the Palmela plant pursues a somewhat unusual sport for a woman. She likes it when adrenaline shoots through her body. 

Aline Digo needs all manner of ­technical expertise for her job. A maintenance technician at the body shop in the Palmela plant, she is on the spot whenever one of the many welding robots on the T-Roc production line has a problem with its software. Few of her colleagues would suspect that, in her time off, this young Portuguese pursues a hobby that is somewhat unusual for a woman. After work, on a regular basis, she spends time in the ring. In the boxing ring, to be precise. “When I was little, my older brother was always urging my sister and me to defend ourselves,” says Digo with a radiant smile, as she describes how she first became fascinated by the sport.

A powerful punch: Aline Digo loves boxing.

» Boxing is an extremely demanding sport. «

She starting off doing Thai boxing, and then switched to regular boxing. “It’s an ­extremely demanding sport,” she says. “You need strength, quick reactions, ­intelligence, and the ability to think ­logically.” The Volkswagen employee has already taken part in several national title bouts. There is one experience that Digo wouldn’t want to do without: “When I step into the ring and wait for the bell on the clock to sound, adrenaline shoots through every vein in my body.”