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Storms on  demand

After nearly four years of construction, the Wind Tunnel Efficiency Center at the Wolfsburg site is starting up operation.

Volkswagen will soon have at its disposal one of the world’s most innovative ­automotive wind tunnels. The Wind Tunnel Efficiency Center, which opened in early November, consists of an aero-acoustic tunnel and a thermal function tunnel. In the latter, it’s possible to simulate nearly any type of weather condition, from searing heat to incessant torrents of rain and driving snow. A ­gigantic nozzle in the aero-acoustic tunnel generates wind speeds of up to 250 km/h. On the one hand, the facility can be used to test how fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from cars can be reduced. On the other hand, employees will try to determine how range can be increased by optimizing a vehicle’s aerodynamics. This is especially important with regard to electric vehicles.