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Stackmann tweets

Jürgen Stackmann has been active on Twitter since mid-November. The head of Sales on the Management Board posts short messages about the Volkswagen Brand as @jstackmann. Twitter currently has around 313 million users worldwide.

Why do you tweet?

Twitter offers our brand direct access to interested customers, employees, and journalists. We can use it to share product news, marketing news and highlights, quickly. A short tweet and a photo can say a lot. Disseminating news has speeded up in the last few years.

What subjects do you address in your tweets?

All topics related to the Volkswagen Brand are of interest to me. There are a lot of changes going on in the Group right now, and our product campaign will supply an abundance of content. I’d like to offer our employees an additional channel that can be accessed any time. We live and breathe the brand 24 hours a day and are a Volkswagen team.

What have the initial reactions been like so far?

Very positive. We’re just starting but already have almost 1,000 followers in the first few days.

What’s been your most unusual tweet so far?

During the #LAAutoShow I met basketball legends @JamesWorthy42 and @kaj33 by the new Atlas at the VW  Group of America booth. Both are considerably taller than 6ft 6 inches. That shows the unbelievable amount of space the Atlas offers, making a terrific moment to share on Twitter.