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Innovators Delighted with their Special Awards

810 Wolfsburg employees took part in a special World Cup campaign to come up with ideas to make their site even better. 
The suggestions included filling material and filter mats.

The prizes were awarded two days before the opening game. The Ideas Management team at the Wolfsburg site had asked 
for suggestions on how to improve the Volkswagen experience as part of a special campaign ahead of the World Cup. Of the 810 employees who took part, 83 received 
one of the special prizes on offer. The top 12 winners were delighted to take home prizes such as VIP tickets fora VfL Wolfsburg game in the German Bundesliga, foosball tables, gym bags and Bluetooth speakers.

Uwe Bauke from Hall 18 is one of the lucky winners.
The background to his suggestion was as follows: “We used to have a machine sitting on a cart in the middle of our workstation and sometimes forklift trucks would crash into it.” Thanks to Bauer’s proposal, the machine is now fixed securely in an elevated spot just a few meters away.

"We could save money by reusing it."

Tobias Lerche from Hall 54 had an idea relating to filling material: “We could save money by reusing it,” explains the 33-year-old. But how? Let’s look at speakers for doors, for example, which are delivered in boxes and cushioned with cardboard. “We only used to use this cardboard once and then throw it away,” recalls Tobias, “but now we use it over and over again.”

Michael Scharek works in electrical maintenance
at the power station. “I suggested a cutting table for filter mats,” recounts the 35-year-old, going on to explain that “we need filter mats for air-conditioning systems. Up until now, we would lay them on the floor, kneel down, and cut them to size with scissors. I thought it would be better to have a big roll, then all we would have to do is pull out what we need and cut the mat to size on a table.”