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How environmental impact can be further reduced

"Think Blue. Factory." day in Wolfsburg: Employees from 36 locations around the world exchanged good solutions.   

25 percent less impact on the environment in the production of vehicles and components – the Volkswagen brand already reached the target it set itself in 2010 for 2018 two years ago. The new target: a further 20 percent reduction in energy, waste, water, solvents, and CO2 emissions by 2025. How are things going along the way?

To answer these and other questions, roughly 400 employees of brands and external suppliers exchanged excellent solutions at the "Think Blue. Factory." day in the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg. The stars were the employees at 36 locations, who have achieved sustainable savings of almost 200 million euros per year through more than 6,600 measures during the eight-year program.

Good for the environment
: One third of the locations already obtain energy from 100-percent renewable sources. This also enabled Volkswagen to reach its 2018 target two years earlier and set itself a new goal. A clever combination of lower CO2 energy sources and energy efficiency also reduced CO2 emissions by more than 34 percent. This has saved Volkswagen roughly 1.6 million tons of CO2 per year.

Large projects
like a new modern paint shop aren’t the only things making the program successful. For example, environmental measures in Zwickau and Pune (India), and the most sustainable program from Poznań (Poland), were honored with trophies. In addition, contributions by individual employees from the Taubaté (Brazil), Braunschweig, and Emden locations were highlighted. For Jens Müller from Braunschweig, for example, the topic of the environment is more than just a job. Even in his spare time, he works hard to find ways to further reduce the burden on the environment. His alarm system warns those responsible about wasted resources and automatically detects hydraulic leaks.

Herbert Buss prunes one of the many fruit trees that surround the Emden plant. 

Herbert Buss, Manfred Hallwass, and Stefan Rölling from Emden have succeeded as a team in contributing to the preservation of biodiversity. Thanks to their commitment, more than 700 fruit trees threatened with extinction now stand around the plant once again – an excellent habitat for bees in particular.