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Shopping tour in a pink bus

Martina Neumayer and Andrea Praefke from the Wolfsburg plant
were candidates on the german TV show "Shopping Queen".

When the pink T6 bus for the Vox TV station appeared in downtown Wolfsburg in late May, fans of “Shopping Queen” immediately knew that a new episode of the popular style documentary was being shot here. But few knew that, this time, two Volkswagen employees – twin sisters Martina Neumayer and Andrea Praefke – were sitting inside the distinctive vehicle.

“I saw the post on Facebook that Vox was looking for twins and jokingly said to my sister: ‘We have to apply,’” remembers Martina Neumayer, who works as a graphic designer at the MultimediaCentrum. The spontaneous response of her sister, who works in occupational safety: “Why not?”

No sooner said than done. After applying online and a rehearsal at Praefke’s home, the two 48-year-olds got the nod from Vox. The show was filmed in late May with a total of five pairs of twins – in Berlin, Braunschweig and Wolfsburg. “It was extremely exciting to see how involved a shoot like that is,” Andrea Praefke says. She and her sister were given 1,000 euros and four hours to implement the styling motto (“We’re not allowed to reveal that yet!”) specified by fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. Four hours for shopping sounds like a lot at first but in the end it was not, says Neumayer. “Many scenes ultimately had to be shot several times. Besides, we also had to get from one shop to the next.”

"It was extremely exciting to see how involved a shoot like that is"

And speaking of Guido Maria Kretschmer:
“He's just as funny and charming in reality as he always comes across on TV.” As a present for the other candidates, Praefke and Neumayer brought along a package with original Volkswagen curry sausages and ketchup. Now the two Volkswagen employees are eagerly awaiting broadcast of the show, which is scheduled for September. Only then will the Wolfsburg twin sisters learn how many points they have received for their outfit from juror Kretschmer and the four other teams of candidates.