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Product line organisation

Series structure creating
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The implementation of the 12-point programme is being consistently pursued. At the beginning of the year, the Volkswagen brand restructured its vehicle development. From now on, there will be four series groups – Small, Compact, Mid-/Full-Size, and e-Mobility. inside answers the most important questions.

What’s new?

At present, a Volkswagen customer can choose from dozens of different models made by the Volkswagen brand, from the up! to the Touareg. This classification system will remain in place. What’s new is that each vehicle will now be allocated to one of four series groups with several model lines.

„The success of the company is always a joint achievement by the organization. It is therefore the outcome of efficient cooperation with the aim to harmonize the many different interests pursued by all the factions involved.“

Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert, Head of the Small model series

Why is there a restructuring?

The responsibilities, from concept design to the technology, and for adhering to costs and deadlines, have now been assumed by the members of the individual series who, grouped into model series, will work together in what is known as project houses. This applies to every single model, from the very first conceptual design to the end of production. The restructuring will intensify the cooperation between departments even further. Around 100 employees will be assigned from various departments to work in each project house. In the past, all responsibilities were spread over different areas of the company where they were, in turn, divided into individual model groups.

„“Volkswagen will make e-mobility over long distances affordable for all customers. The new series ­organization will help us do this.“

Christian Senger,
Head of the e-Mobility series group

„The organization by series goes beyond the boundaries of the individual departments. Cooperation is intensified and accelerated in the project houses. Our aim is clear – we want to build the best cars for our customers and thus strengthen our company.“

Karlheinz Hell, Head of the Compact series group

What are the benefits?

The new organization into series has many benefits. One example: in the past, it usually took around 48 months from the first plans to the start of production. The new organization will give the decision-making competence of the employees a further boost. Considerably more decisions will be taken within the series in future. Instead of nine, there will now only be five milestones that will need to be presented to the Board in the Product Strategy Committee (PSC). The focus is now on the everyday tasks in the project house rather than on committee work. This will allow the roughly 50 vehicle projects per year to progress faster and more profitably.

„Delegating more responsibility to the series will result in faster decision-making and strong motivation for all employees involved in the project.“

Elmar-Marius Licharz, Head of the Mid-/Full-Size series group