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Peter Maffay loves Driving – especially Volkswagens!

The German rocker picked up his new Golf R1 from the Autostadt. He praises the employees and high vehicle quality.

"Look, it’s Peter Maffay!"

Visitors waiting for the next ride to the Autostadt’s delivery tower immediately recognize the rock star and take out their cell phones for photos. Maffay says an affable hello, then says goodbye to the four fans who were invited by Volkswagen to enjoy the view and ask him questions. "Have a safe trip home, and take care of yourselves!"

During a trip to the delivery tower of the Autostadt, Peter Maffay took time to answer questions from fans. Later, he climbed into his new Golf R.

Volkswagen brand ambassador Maffay in Wolfsburg The 68-year-old is in a good mood. There are at least three reasons for this: he’s picking up a new Golf R in the Autostadt today. He always enjoys being in the Volkswagen capital anyway. And he finished his Unplugged Tour a few weeks ago. "It was one of the nicest tours we’ve ever had. Rigorous from front to back," says Maffay, who’s looking ahead. Next year, when he and his band celebrate their 50th anniversary, a new album may even be released. The full-blooded musician promises, "We’re revving up." Loud or quiet? "Rock ’n roll!" answers one of the most famous German-speaking musicians, before posing for photos with the Golf R.

Driving is a respite for Maffay. "I can think about things and chill out." Behind the wheel, or in the passenger’s seat? "I’m always a man who likes to take the wheel. I’m a bad passenger, often complaining. And I’m not a speedster," is how musician Maffay characterizes driver Maffay.

It’s clear he’s looking forward to the rides in his Indium Gray Golf R. "At Volkswagen, for years I’ve seen a workforce that passionately builds good cars," says Maffay, praising the quality of the Golf, Tiguan, Passat, and others. "And I see a company whose social commitment is extremely high. Unfortunately, both of those sometimes fade into the background." Next door, when a Passat is handed over to a customer, there’s whispering. "Look, it’s Peter Maffay!"