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Volkswagen has filled important management positions in Germany and internationally.


has been CEO of Volkswagen de México since May 1. The Dresden-born executive has just taken over from Andreas Hinrichs, who recently went into retirement after around 30 years at Volkswagen, the last seven of which he spent in Mexico as CEO. Steffen has joined us from Martorell in Spain, where he headed up the main plant for Seat. His previous roles have included developing the Volkswagen brand, heading up production at Volkswagen Slovakia, and overseeing the manufacture of steering systems and shock absorbers in Braunschweig.


has been running the main Seat plant in Martorell since May 1. Prior to this move, he ran the FAW-Volkswagen plant in Chengdu, China. Having held a number of executive positions in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig-born Rainer then became Head of the Chassis division. He later moved to Zwickau to take the reins as Head of Vehicle Production, before ultimately relocating to China in 2016.


took over as Head of Volkswagen Service Deutschland on April 1, although he has been working within the Group since 1993. His previous leadership positions have included Head of Marketing for Audi Deutschland,, Head of Service and Customer Service for Skoda Deutschland and Head of Aftersales Management for MAN. Most recently, Essmann was responsible for Group Aftersales at Volkswagen de México.


took over as Head of International Marketing for Sales and Marketing on April 1. Prior to this, he was Head of Volkswagen Service Deutschland. Jan’s other previous roles have included Head of Group Services for Volkswagen Group RUS and Head of Group Aftersales & Services for Volkswagen Group of America.


has been Head of Marketing Germany since April 1, although he has been a member of the Volkswagen Group since 1999. Previously, he has also served as Head of International Marketing Communications for the Volkswagen brand and Marketing Communications for SAIC Volkswagen in Shanghai. For the last five years, Philipp was the Marketing Director for Volkswagen de México.


took over as Head of Marketing for SAIC Volkswagen on April 1. Prior to this, he has held roles including Head of Marketing in Germany and Global Marketing Director of Seat in Spain, Head of International Marketing Communications for the Volkswagen brand, and Head of Marketing & PR for Volkswagen Group Sales India.