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When a Car Magically Parks Itself

The annoying search for a parking space in narrow, confusing parking garages could soon be a thing of the past. The Volkswagen Group is currently testing autonomous parking at Hamburg Airport.

Based on a parking garage map, vehicles of the Volkswagen (above a Passat GTE¹), Audi and Porsche brands navigate to their assigned parking spaces independently. Image markers installed in the parking garage provide orientation.

The cars have active environment detection that detects objects and can react accordingly, be it by evasion, braking or stopping. For this purpose, the vehicles are equipped with a sensor set, including ultrasound, radar and camera. "We can take some serious weight off the driver and give them back some time," says Friedrich Eichler, Head of Chassis Development at the Volkswagen brand, of the unique technology. This will be available for the first customers in select parking garages at the beginning of the coming decade.