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Do it once, but do it right

In the Wolfsburg plant, the process for installing the Golf and Tiguan tailgates has been streamlined.

Wolfgang Walther, an employee at the Wolfsburg plant, aligning a tailgate.

With the aid of the new department strategy TRANSFORM.FACTORY+, Production & Logistics is working on reducing the number of working hours per vehicle by 35 percent by 2025. As part of the process towards increasing productivity in both the direct and indirect areas of a plant (hours per unit), the Fit for Finish initiative is being continued. “Implementing it consistently worldwide enables us to save hundreds of millions of euros a year,” says Board Member for Production Thomas Ulbrich.

An example from the Wolfsburg plant: Employees in body construction no longer align the tailgates for the Golf and Tiguan manually immediately after installation. Instead, the position of the tailgates is measured automatically by means of a scanner. If there are deviations, adjustments are made at the end of the process.

“Multiple quality checks do not always mean better quality,” says Erwin Gabardi, Project Manager for Productivity at TRANSFORM.FACTORY+. “Instead, we have simplified our production process while maintaining the same standard, and combined two separate checks into one.”

The success of the Fit for Finish initiative is based on more than 500 ideas from 13 plants worldwide. The ideas contribute to more intelligent workflows in production and testing, and are regularly exchanged between plants.