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A Brand New Job in the Blink of an Eye

Özlem Aras made the transition from Procurement to IT at the start of March. After her introduction to the new area at the nextwork internal job fair, she had made up her mind within just two weeks.

She thought it was just a rumor at first: A job fair at Volkswagen where heads of departments speak to potential candidates in person? "Before that, I had only ever heard of the usual route of responding to job postings," explains Özlem, adding "it was often a drawn-out process that wasn’t particularly transparent for those applying. There were many times when I didn’t hear back for a long time – if at all." But Aras, whose family originally hails from Turkey, never gave up. After studying in the USA and spending a year at Volkswagen in Mexico, she was determined that she could make a valuable contribution to the company, even in a different position.

"If you are willing to put in the effort, doors will open for you."

– that’s the motto that Özlem Aras lives by.

So when she heard about the first nextwork job fair in Wolfsburg last October, she decided to attend. "A colleague had mentioned it to me, and then I read about it on the Volkswagen portal. My interest had been piqued and I always love to try new things," recalls Aras, 38. The job fair is one of the measures in the Pact for the Future that is helping to make the company’s internal job market more dynamic. Its aim is to make open positions and development opportunities visible to everyone in a bid to fill jobs as quickly as possible with the most suitable candidates.

Özlem Aras saw her chance and took it. She did her homework, made a list of the specific sectors she wanted to visit, and had some initial conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. In-person conversations with department heads, without having to submit applications in advance. It was all about finding the right chemistry and sharing ideas. "I came away feeling incredibly motivated and went on to follow up with all of the interesting contacts I’d made." Aras, who lives in Berlin, stresses that what’s really important is showing initiative. That’s what opens a lot of doors.

After submitting her official application and attending an interview, she had secured the job within just two weeks. Since early March, she has been overseeing the launch of a platform for digital products that will allow Volkswagen to contact customers directly going forward. Özlem Aras identifies strongly with her new role – after all, she understands the benefits of a direct approach better than anyone.


This year’s nextwork events will take place in Wolfsburg on May 29 and October 30, with events in Hannover still in the pipeline. The contact for the various departments is Karolin Kärcher. Further information can also be found in Group Connect, key word "nextwork".