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Millions Saved through new standard

A new assembly kit for structural steelwork in conveyor technology reports to duty.

State-of-the-art conveyor technology is also used to transport vehicles inside the halls. This photo was taken at the Wolfsburg plant.

Shopping for quality at a good price: ­Privately, this can be done quickly, but when it comes to the procurement of production plants, a more systematic approach is needed. An example of this is the new ­assembly kit that the planning division ­devised for structural steelwork, which ­significantly reduces the costs of conveyor technology used in vehicle production. The system will celebrate its first success with the construction of a new hall at the ­Volkswagen plant in Bratislava this year: more than 1.5 million euro will be saved.

Several thousand vehicles are produced in the brand’s various plants daily. To ensure that production goes smoothly, individual components and vehicles must be in the right place on the assembly line at the right time. This is where conveyor technology comes in. It’s permanently installed within the plant on a steel structure, which is a massive scaffold. Up till now, this steel structure could only be procured from particular conveyor technology ­suppliers, as only they knew the specific requirements of their installations.

“The modular assembly kit defines the ­requirements and allows procurement to purchase larger tonnages from the ­structural steel suppliers at lower prices,” says Heinrich Keulmann, who is ­responsible for factory structure planning. “My team had a winning idea for this. It was ­implemented and allows financial results to be guaranteed sustainably.”

Simplifying standards

Representatives from the divisions Sales & Marketing, Quality, IT and Production have adopted a package consisting of 20 efficiency measures to simplify standards that should be pursued and implemented. The ­efficiency program’s cross-cutting initiative “Reducing investments in operating materials, costs and ­outlay” will save the company ­several million euro a year. The new ­modular assembly kit for structural steelwork is one example.

If you have ideas and proposals ­­­related to streamlining standards, please ­contact: pm.standard- entfeinerung.vwag.r.wob­

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