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Volkswagen Brand: New Management Structure

Brandstätter assumes responsibility for series, while Sommer leads procurement for the Group and brand.

The Volkswagen brand is aligning its management structure with future topics. As part of the new distribution of responsibilities within the brand’s management board, the Digital Car & Services division was formed on March 1 (see article above). The brand is thus increasing its impact and the speed of implementation in the rapidly advancing digitalization and networking of the car.

Under the brand’s new management structure, responsibility for series and for quality assurance lies with the Chief Operating Officer. Volkswagen is thus pooling responsibility for its products and strengthening the management of its operating business. At the same time, Technical Development is given more scope for conceptual development work and corporate tasks. In another change, responsibility for the Group and Brand Procurement division will be merged.

The changes in detail:

The newly created Digital Car & Services division, which Christian Senger is establishing and managing, bundles the brand’s software activities. At the same time, Senger, as Head of Digital Car & Services for the Group, is responsible for Group-wide cooperation on software concepts and intelligent mobility concepts.

Ralf Brandstätter,

who as Chief Operating Officer (COO) manages the brand’s operational business, will be responsible for the brand’s value engineering and quality assurance. However, the Product Safety Committee remains the responsibility of Herbert Diess. The change gives the CEO greater freedom for strategic tasks within the Group.

Frank Welsch

In addition, COO Ralf Brandstätter takes over the Small, Compact and Mid/Full series, which previously reported to Frank Welsch. As Head of Technical Development, Welsch is more intensively involved in his parallel function as Head of Corporate Research and Development, and is promoting the development of alternative drive concepts, pioneering assistance systems, and sustainable mobility within the brand. The E-Mobility series will remain assigned to the E-Mobility Management Board division.

Stefan Sommer,

Member of the Group Executive Board, is responsible for procurement for both the Group and the brand. Putting responsibility for Volkswagen brand procurement in the hands of the Head of Group Division helps to streamline internal processes and create synergies.