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My car, your car

The personalization function in the Arteon, Golf & co. detects drivers and their preferred settings.

People are different. Some are tall, some short. Some love to listen to loud techno music while they’re driving, while others prefer Beethoven. Some people are always cold – even in the summer – while others find winter far too hot. When several people share the same car, they all have to go through the same routine when they take the wheel: adjusting the seat, adjusting the backrest, sorting the cushion. Then there’s the door mirrors, the air conditioning system, the radio, the driving profile – sporty or comfortable? Drivers have to deal with all this every time. But not with Volkswagen and its “Personalization” concept.

It’s unbelievably easy to use: All relevant driver settings are saved to an individual user account. This may be known as “Driver 1”, or perhaps “Herbert” or “Claudia”. The displays in the vehicle, like the navigation system, even use these names to welcome the driver into the vehicle.

The personal user accounts hold data like the seat and exterior mirror settings, the ideal temperature for the air conditioning system, blower activation, driver assist system activation and the volume for the alerts from the Park Assist function. So how does it work? Your car key automatically activates these settings and sets up the vehicle just the way you like it. If the driver leaves the vehicle, their settings are stored on board as a data string. Thanks to the Key Memory function, the settings are called up and reactivated as soon as the driver unlocks the Volkswagen with their car key.

If you’ve accidentally picked up another driver’s key, you can switch the driver manually in the blink of an eye using the instrument cluster and multifunction keys on the steering wheel. The user management area of the Car menu enables you to deactivate personalization completely and then switch it back on again whenever you like. The function holds up to four driver accounts, three for you and your fellow drivers and one guest account with pre-set values.

This personalization function has already been introduced to the new T-Roc and Arteon as well as the latest versions of the Golf, Touran, Tiguan and Passat. If these models are equipped with the driving profile selection and/or a memory function for the driver’s seat, then personalization is already on board.