The employee magazine
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Olá companheiro!*

This series introduces Volkswagen employees from around the world. This issue: Murilo Battistini Buratto (23) from the Anchieta plant in Brazil.

*Hello, colleague!

In his father’s footsteps

Murilo Battistini Buratto

Mr. Buratto, how long have you been with Volkswagen, and what do you do here at the Anchieta plant?

I joined Volkswagen do Brasil six-and-a-half years ago as an apprentice. Now I operate welding machinery in the body shop, as well as studying mechanical engineering at the St. Andre Foundation university. My first experience of Volkswagen came when I was still a young boy. You see, my dad worked for the company for 39 years, his last position being a prototype developer.

Why do you enjoy working at Volkswagen? What is your best memory from your time with the company so far?

Volkswagen is a strong brand that generates massive brand awareness. In 2016, I got the chance to present several new vehicles to my ­colleagues here at the plant during an in-house event – namely the Gol, the Voyage, the Saveiro, and the Golf. In various training sessions beforehand I learned all about the cars’ technical details, so I could pass on this knowledge. I even had the privilege of presenting the Saveiro to our CEO David Powels. I regarded this honor as recognition of the work I have achieved.

What activity would you recommend to colleagues visiting you in São Bernardo do Campo as a must-do?

Here in São Bernardo do Campo we have the Ginásio Poliesportivo, a massive sports gym open to everyone where you can do all sorts of activities. Other than that, the city has great restaurants, bars, and pubs. Anyone visiting us really must go for a bike tour on the Estrada Velha de Santos. This is the old road to Santos that leads through the rainforest. It’s a great chance to relax and recharge your batteries while enjoying the natural surroundings.