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More perspective

The company’s new code of conduct provides orientation for employees.

At the workplace, as a business partner, or in our daily interactions with each other,  there are rules everywhere that we have to follow. Volkswagen’s code of conduct, which has been in place for over seven years, has now been updated and ­reformulated with greater clarity.

Central to the code of conduct is honesty, integrity, and compliant behavior as well as the personal responsibility of every individual. The code takes into account both legal requirements and internal company regulations in areas such as occupational health and safety, IT security and data protection, accounting, financial reporting, and export controls.

“We all bear responsibility for compliance and observance of existing regulations,” says Kurt Michels, Group Chief Compliance Officer. “Let’s be the best, not only in the quality and technical standard of our products and services, but also in fair, transparent, and supportive interactions with each other.”

Examples serve to clarify the topics and help people to understand the significance of these rules for their day-to-day work. If any employee is unsure whether or not his or her behavior complies with the code of conduct, the self-test at the end of the brochure will be of assistance. Otherwise, the ­employee’s supervisor should be the first port of call for questions. The brochure also names other contacts for questions concerning compliance issues.