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More locations in Africa

The Volkswagen brand is continuing to promote regionalization: the Golf is now being manufactured in Algeria, and the Polo will be added next year.

In early August, after only 200 days of construction, the Volkswagen Group opened a multi-brand factory in Algeria together with its local partner, SOVAC S.P.A. The Golf, the Caddy, the Seat Ibiza, and the Škoda Octavia will all be manufactured in Relizane, 280 kilometers south-west of the capital, Algiers. Next year, the model range will be extended to include the Polo and the Škoda Fabia.

Algeria is the largest country on the African continent in terms of area.

“The African continent offers great growth potential for the Volkswagen Group,” said Herbert Diess, Volkswagen brand CEO, at the festive opening ceremony. Diess said that the company was bringing up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge technology to Africa “first and foremost with the Volkswagen Golf.” Diess, 58, is convinced that the Volkswagen brand will “write a new and great success story in Africa as well.”

There are currently 550 employees in the factory. In the longer term, this number could grow to 1,800. Many of the management staff were trained for their new duties at the Group’s production sites.

» The African continent offers great growth potential for the Volkswagen Group. «

Herbert Diess