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Miles Ahead in Versatility


In 2017, no Volkswagen model was more successful than the Golf1. The versatility of its drives has shown itself to be a winning formula – an overview.


The Golf has enjoyed success in China, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Italy. These were its top markets in 2017. In Germany and the rest of Europe, it even topped the list of new registrations. It is unrivaled in its segment. “The Volkswagen Golf is and will continue to be the most popular car in Germany – by a huge margin,” a major German newspaper recently wrote.


With the Golf, the Golf Variant, the Golf Sportsvan, the GTI Performance, the GTD8, the TGI9, the GTE10, the Golf R5, and the e-Golf11, the model series is highly varied. This high degree of variety is the key to the Golf’s enduring success. Another unique attribute of the Golf is the variety of drive types. No other car in the world has as many variations.

Our top seller is available

with a turbo gasoline engine (TSI)2,3,4,5,
a turbo diesel engine (TDI)7,8, or
a turbo natural gas engine (TGI)9. 

It is also available as a GTE10 with a plug-in hybrid drive – that is, with a TSI2,3,4,5 plus electric engine – as well as in a purely electric version, the e-Golf11. It could hardly be any more versatile. In 2017, the turbo gasoline engine was particularly popular with customers around the world.


Though it may come as no surprise, the Golf is once again the most successful model of the Volkswagen brand. 2017 is no exception. In the last year, almost one million Golfs were sold to customers around the world, particularly models of the seventh generation. These were recently given a technical and aesthetic upgrade, and have now been available from dealers for more than ten months.


“The Golf is the heart of our brand.”

Herbert Diess, Brand CEO of Volkswagen